Jeremy had a suppressed secret desire to experience bondage… yet when he started to re-think his first time exploration with the guy he met online, his resistance was countered with even more restrictive roping. Maybe a few more days in bondage coupled with some prolonged teasing edge play will help the boy reconnect with his sense of adventure…

What do you think the requirements are to be a pup? Like, the physical and mental aspects required. Also I'd just like to thank you since after seeing your blog I've been introduced to pup play and bdsm and want to try it as soon as possible :P



Aawww I hope you’re enjoying yourself anon :) 

Requirements?? hehe, I’ve never thought of it like that. Um, there aren’t really but there are personality traits and attitudes you can have which will make you a better doggy :3  perhaps unsurprisingly they are ones already associated with actual dogs.

Playfullness- wanting to bounce around a bed and be silly is an important thing. But there’s something at the essence of pup play which is quite endearingly childish, which is imagination and make believe.
As a human being, to suddenly act like a dog can be really stressful, because you can feel quite anxious / silly, so an ability to be able to forget that and just roll with it and be ridiculous and not care is a really good thing. You tend to zone out and forget about your human-ness after a while. This is a reason people have those strange dog masks which i’m quite ambivalent about. They’re strange to look at, but if you actually wear one, you find yourself becoming really submissive and dog like super quickly which is quite amazing/interesting.

Happiness- because WE LOVE HAPPY BOUNCY DOGS <3 AWROUU!!

Love & Trust- dogs are happy and loving and trust people and are super open which is so cute and endearing. They are also loyal, and if you happen to find yourself a pack, loyalty and trust become quite important. Trust has to be earned from you though, don’t hand it over too willingly.

Cuteness: this isn’t necessarily a physical appearance thing, but it is a product of the qualities i’ve mentioned already. Feeling cute is super important to me, because it kinda justifies my dog persona. and when I’m in that state, feeling adorable and like a little doggy keeps me feeling like i want to carry on feeling this way!

Cuteness and that childlikeness is a likely reason why so many pups have named themselves after characters in animes and games. Because those characters are A) are usually cute B) a total embodiment of all the amazing adventurous dog qualities we wish to possess ie Link from the Zelda games and C) quite directly linked to our childhood, so by being called Link it helps you flashback into that cute puppy feeling through association.

As for physical qualities, a lengthy colorful mohawk are popular among pups, if you can grow body hair then DO! for stroking :3  apart from that, human beings dogs alike come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a short furry jack russel or big husky st bernard :)

Beautifully put!


Floggers can be quite fun


Floggers can be quite fun

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Some of you might’ve come across one of youhfuldominance his games this weekend where he invited his followers to make him send you a dare.
I did so, and by reblogging his post I indirectly promised you guys to post a report on it, so - after youthfuldominance read and enjoyed my entry - here it is:

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